Website hosting in the Crewe area

How secure is your website, and how well maintained is it?

  • Your website needs to be held in expert, secure hands:
    • I have used 1&1 Internet Ltd as my website hosting provider since the early 2000s;
    • 1&1 Internet Ltd, which recently became 1&1 IONOS, is based in Gloucester, U.K., and is part of United Internet, a German Internet company, now the largest web hosting provider in Europe, and one of the largest worldwide;
    • 1&1 IONOS can provide web domains (e.g.,, etc) and the required level of security for users of your website, e.g. their personal information, credit cards, bank details, etc.;
    • The 1&1 IONOS promise is:
      • “As a digitisation partner for small- and medium-sized business, we are always there for you;
      • “A personal consultant is there to support you whenever you need them;
      • “The best products for beginners so that you can start building your own internet presence;
      • “Best-in-class products for professionals, developers and administrators in companies and agencies;
      • “Efficient cloud applications to lead your company down the road to success.”
  • I have always found 1&1 to be an excellent provider and my confidence in them is total.
  • My practice is to create a new account for each client, so that:
    • the client has ultimate control over their account;
    • in any eventuality, the client has primary access to their account;
    • the client has access to their 1&1 personal consultant for advice and assistance.
  • 1&1 IONOS offers a range of accounts suited to various needs such as numbers of websites, scale of websites, performance, security, etc.
  • Betley Digital is competent to select and operate the most appropriate web hosting account for you.


Betley Digital arranges and manages the hosting of websites with 1&1 IONOS.

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