Website Management

Betley Digital offers website management, day-to-day, front- and back-end.

Change is your ever-present constant

Websites need day-to-day, competent attention

  • You need to check your website every day. Betley Digital can attend to that for you;
  • Behind the scenes, the makers of the software are constantly updating and you may need to manually activate updates;
  • You need to check security measures;
  • If you don’t update links to external sites as they change, it doesn’t look good for you;
  • You may need to modify parts of your website or improve SEO, if analysis indicates so;
  • When you make changes to your website, you need to create a new back-up;
  • and more besides…

We manage your website and train you:

  • Your enterprise is constantly changing, so your website needs to be constantly changed.
  • Betley Digital doesn’t walk away when the website is created, but provides ongoing, day-to-day management.
  • We give the client appropriate training to gain easy access to the website so you can make minor changes yourself, instantly.
  • Betley Digital offers website management together with training, so you have understanding and ultimate control over your website.


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