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Betley Digital offers website design exclusively on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is a system for building websites easily

  • It is the world’s most popular website system, the platform for around 30% of all websites.
  • WordPress is ‘open source’, meaning that the basic software is publicly, freely accessible, rather than available only from commercial sources who jealously guard their copyrighted design, charge you for it and limit your use of it.
  • Many, many software developers have created designs providing a vast choice of visuals and to-the-purpose ‘themes’ for WordPress; many of these themes are free, many have upgrade, ‘premium’ options.
  • And many more software developers have created ‘plug-ins’ which meet the specific needs of, for example, a shopping website, a photo gallery, an events organiser, etc; as well as providing security systems to prevent hacking, etc.; detection of broken links; etc., etc.
  • Years of development have created the WordPress platform for web design which offers all that could be needed and desired by a small or medium-size enterprise, whether business or otherwise.
  • The underlying language for web creation, called coding, is very hard to learn; but WordPress keeps all that in the background, enabling even someone who knows nothing of coding to learn how to make websites from scratch, or to go into a website and edit it; as I could teach you how to do.

Big Brand organisations prefer WordPress

Betley Digital works with the best

Betley Digital can design your website

Betley Digital offers website design and and can manage it for you, and host it for you.

Here are some links to websites I’ve designed, or worked on:

Society of Staffordshire Artists

Review: “On behalf of the Society of Staffordshire Artists I approached Philip some twelve months ago to design and develop, within certain parameters, a totally new website that would incorporate a considerable amount of visual material. This being to represent the work produced by all of the Society’s members, along with detailed documentation, history of the Society, up to date news, and numerous other requirements. Over a period of months we worked closely together and gradually a programme evolved incorporating all that we asked of him. He is a most conscientious and dependable person, working at a friendly but quite professional level and at a pace to suit the client. Problems that were encountered were speedily and effectively dealt with, and in certain cases required him to offer certain initiatives which were readily accepted. The site has now gone world-wide, and we are pleased to retain him not only as our webmaster, but now as a friend and colleague as well.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending his services as a website designer and digital facilitator.
Michael Reeves, Exhibitions officer and Graphic design. Society of Staffordshire Artists.”

Mike Reeves’ Gallery Store

Irie AirBnB, Luxor, Egypt

Review: “Thank you Philip. I hope you will continue to work on our website, you have really made it great. What a great investment.” Roberta Ward Smiley, Irie BnB Inc.


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