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requires Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Some free advice:

  • To achieve a high ranking on Google search pages, your website needs to be highly relevant to the search enquiry.
  • These days (it wasn’t always so), Google places high value on giving the visitor a first-class experience of Google’s ability to find relevant answers to search enquiries.
  • It used to be that Google responded to simple key words (keywords). All you needed to do was repeat the keyword more than your competition. No more. Now Google’s AI understands and responds competently, even to voiced enquiries.
  • So, if you want your website to be found high in Google pages, you need to design your website, first and foremost, to answer the enquiries as relevantly and usefully as possible.
  • Your website may not rank highly on Google even if your product and/or service is unique, or has very low competition. The headline and description must look appealing and clearly offer what the enquirer is seeking.
  • The most effective entry in Google search pages will probably not be your Home page. Your Home page probably speaks too broadly about what you offer. The pages that answer the enquiry most precisely will be the most effective.
  • So each product or service needs its own section in your website. Each specific product or service needs to be SEO’d.
  • All of this requires, from the start of creating the website to the ongoing day-to-day management of it, an intense focus on SEO.
  • Your focus needs to be not on meeting the needs of your business, but on meeting the needs of your customer. Fail to SEO and you fail your customer. That way, your business fails. It’s a tough world online today, more than ever before.
  • Google does not explain how its search engines work, other than saying they want their customers (people who use the search engine) to have a first-class experience. So, where does one start, unless employing an SEO consultant trained and dedicated to the task?
  • There are courses you can take, such as the one I took on the Udemy online learning system, “SEO Tutorial For Beginners“. I found that course extremely useful. You may too. Or, if your website is on the WordPress platform, there are highly effective plug-ins by SEOPressor and Yoast, which take you step-by-step to ‘green-light’ your SEO.
  • Or you could employ someone in-house or ex-house to work on SEO-ing your web site.

Betley Digital offers you:

a free, no obligation SEO survey of your website and a report recommending ways in which your website could be better SEO’d, with suggestions for how this could be done.

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