Proofreading in South Cheshire and North Staffordshire

I can offer a proofreading service, provided that the client is in the South Cheshire or North Staffs area; I find that proofreading usually also requires some editing, which requires time together with the client.

Otherwise, though not ideally, editing can be done by screen-sharing on Skype.



Proofreading in South Cheshire“I do quite a lot of writing – creative projects, personal projects and academic articles, and though the ideas come fast and furiously and the sentences flow well, there’s no doubt that I need reliable proofreading by an objective reader before I submit my work. I’ve found Philip’s skills here to be not only a necessity but also a pleasurable creative process. Before he sets to work Philip makes sure he understands the purpose of the article, the required style and desired tone and then – putting himself in the role of the reader – goes to work. He’s also strongly empathetic, and when editing my writing he allows the light of my personality to shine through brightly – or not, as the need arises! I fully endorse Philip for proofreading services.”

Marina Deestan-Jones


To obtain a quotation please use the contact form below. Please advise me of the scale of the work and any timescale requirements.