Advertising on Google Search Engine Pages

also known as “Google Ads”

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On the Downside:

    • It’s very complicated to advertise successfully on Google, requiring considerable training and experience.
    • It’s expensive to employ people to manage your Google Ads account, whether in-house or ex-house.
    • Paying to advertise on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) can waste a great deal of money unless properly managed.
    • On top of your trial and error efforts, it takes some weeks or months for Google’s AI algorithms to optimise your results.
    • Day-to-day management and ongoing changes are necessary.
    • Your website needs to conform to the requirements for optimum advertising on Google, which means:
      • your website should be designed first and foremost as a marketing tool, not an information tool;
      • if you’re selling different products and/or services, each should have its own page(s);
      • each section for products and/or services should be search engine optimised. (SEO)
      • so your website may need considerable redesign and editing before embarking on a Google Ads campaign.


    On the Upside:

      • Unless you’re able to achieve high, first page “organic” (unpaid) ranking on Google because your website is very well SEO’d or your brand is well-known or your product(s) or service(s) are unique, Google Ads is the best way to get seen on Google.
      • Most people searching Google only click on the paid adverts or top one or two organic listings, so your online marketing needs to be aggressive and Google Ads is the best way to market aggressively online.
      • The greatest thing about Google Ads-type of marketing is that you only pay when someone actually visits your website, or phones your business.
      • Google Ads is highly analytical, which means you can see exactly how your money is being spent (or wasted).
      • You can change your Google Ads at any time with instant effect.
      • There are various modalities of Google Ads, such as Search Pages (on Google and Google’s partner search engines), Display (on other people’s websites), Shopping pages, Mobile Phones, and YouTube.
      • You can select to advertise in any country in the world, and/or any specific locality down to a very small radius.
      • You can obtain a survey of your website(s) to understand what potential you have for success with Google Ads, and how well optimised your website is for Google Ads, and for meeting your business objectives; Betley Digital offers to do this survey free, with no obligation on you.


      Betley Digital is certified to manage Google Ads accounts

      That is to say, I, Philip Snow, am certified by Google to manage Google Ads accounts; I have been managing a sizeable, global-reach Google Ads account since March 2018:


      “When our longstanding and substantial Google AdWords account needed a complete overhaul, Philip Snow of Betley Digital Services redesigned our entire campaign and continues to achieve metrics far beyond our expectations. His tenacity, expertise, thoroughness and professionalism make him an excellent choice for any digital marketing needs.”

      Google Ads ReviewHarold W. Becker, President
      The Love Foundation Inc.


      Here are some of my Certificates from the Google Academy:



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