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Betley Digital offers a free, no obligation consultation about the potential of digital marketing for your small or medium-size enterprise.

Some free advice, here and now:

  • Before the internet, the adage was: “Half of your advertising expenditure is a complete waste, but you don’t know which half.” Not any more.
  • Today, thanks to the wonders of electronics, computers, artificial intelligence, algorithms, light-speed computation and a few decades of development, we can see the results of our marketing in real time with analysis in incredibly useful detail.
  • For those of us who grew up before the desktop and laptop computer, it’s very instructive to recognise that electronic technology operates at a speed of an altogether different order than electrical technology. And it’s that recognition, and realisation, that is your guide to the potential of digital marketing.
  • As an example, when you do a search on Google, you can receive millions of answers instantly. For instance, I just did a search for “Holidays in Tuscany” and I received 21,100,000 results in 0.5 seconds.
  • Similarly, if you post a message on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, or a photo on Instagram or Flickr, you’re reaching around the world in mere seconds.
  • This realisation is mind-bending and intoxicating. No wonder the internet can be addictive. Caution is called for. Not all of this is productive.
  • On the internet you’re no longer a physical person barking up the wrong tree; you’re a virtual being moving at warp speed, boldly, or not so boldly, going where no-one has gone before.

Controlling Your Flight in Cyberspace

  • Will it really serve any useful purpose if you go into cyberspace with a website or some other digital vehicle? You need to know, and measurably so.
  • Is your primary mode of marketing digital, or real world (a physical store; newspaper advertising, etc.)? Is your digital marketing profit-making in its own right, or an information provider, or a mere, somewhat necessary, nod to people’s expectations?
  • When you’re thinking of trading in cyberspace, you need to choose carefully the vehicles appropriate to your objectives.
  • Your website may offer a lot of information, but will it reach your customers? If it reaches your customers, will they engage with you? Are you actually onboard when they investigate what you’re offering?
  • If you have, or want, a website, how much, and what sort of content is appropriate, and optimum, for your business? You might find a Facebook page works better.
  • Some of the “social media” such as Facebook enable you to engage more readily with your customers; your existing customers (Friends, Likers) may be there when you send out messages; you may communicate more readily, and more personally, in real time on Facebook; you are connecting unobtrusively, not expecting nor asking for responses (unlike phoning or emailing); easy relationships are facilitated.
  • Gathering email addresses from visitors to your website can enable you to send out news to a lot of qualified people; but is your impersonal email welcome? Could it be counter-productive? Something to be used very sparingly?
  • Photography websites such as Instagram and Flickr have a vast audience and can be a way to reach new market areas. How good is your photography? Are you competent at graphic design, digital art?

Betley Digital offers a free, no obligation consultation

about the potential of digital marketing for your small or medium-size enterprise.

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